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      Factors Affecting the Use of Palestinian Journalists to New Media: A Field study

      عيسى, طلعت; حماد, حازم (الرابطة العربية لعلوم الاتصال, 2020-01)
      This study aims to identify the factors affecting Palestinian Journalists’ use for New Media, the pressure against them, the degree they use the new media, the results for using the new media, and the obstacles they face ...
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      New Media's Role in Ending the Palestinian Rift activities

      عيسى, طلعت (كلية الإعلام- جامعة اليرموك- الأردن, 2011-10)
      This study attempts to identify the role of social networks represented by Facebook in the success of the activities to end the Palestinian rift, its a descriptive study that used qualitative content analysis on the pages ...
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      Palestinian Activists Use of New Media to Call to End the Palestinian Rift

      عيسى, طلعت (جامعة الأزهر غزة, 2015-06)
      This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of the use of the Palestinian society activists to new media in the call to end the Palestinian rift, The study used the survey methodology, which belongs to the descriptive ...