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      A micromachined WR-3 band waveguide diplexer based on coupled resonator structures

      Skaik, Talal F.; Lancaster, Michael; Ke, Maolong; Wang, Yongji (IEEE, 2011)
      A novel micromachined coupled-resonator waveguide diplexer operating in frequency range 220-325 GHz is presented. The diplexer has been synthesised using coupling matrix optimization of multiple coupled resonators, and ...
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      A micromachined WR-3 waveguide with embedded bends for direct flange connections

      Skaik, Talal F.; Wang, Yongji; Ke, Maolong; Qian, Shilong; Lancaster, Michael (IEEE, 2010)
      A novel micromachined waveguide bend operating in the frequency range 220-325 GHz is presented. It provides for a direct and accurate connection with standard waveguide flanges. A structure of two back-to-back right angle ...
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      Coupled resonator diplexer without external junctions

      Skaik, Talal F.; Lancaster, Michael (Scientific Research Publishing, 2011)
      A coupled resonator diplexer has been designed, fabricated, and tested. The design is based on synthesis of coupling matrix of a 3-port coupled resonator circuit using optimization. Unlike conventional diplexers, the ...
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      Coupled-resonator 3-dB power divider

      Skaik, Talal F.; Lancaster, Michael; Huang, Frederick (IET, 2010)
      This paper presents a technique to synthesise a coupled resonator power divider. . The design of the proposed power divider is based on coupling matrix optimization for multiple coupled resonators with multiple outputs. ...
    • Synthesis of multiple output coupled resonator circuits using coupling matrix optimisation

      Skaik, Talal F.; Lancaster, Michael; Huang, F (IET Digital Library, 2011)
      Coupled resonator circuits are the basis for the design of many bandpass microwave filters. Design techniques used for two-port coupled resonator circuits are extended here to multiple output circuits such as power dividers ...