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      Anomalies in Fatwa, its concept, causes, effects, standards, and means of treatment

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (جامعة القصيم, 2013-01-20)
      This paper explores the concept of anomalous fatwa and abnormal releases by jurists and theologians. The researcher then explains the causes of anomalies in the fatwa, clarifies the standards of fatwa and shows the ...
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      Bail in Punishment for Allah's Limits and Retaliation "Rule and its Effects and Expire"

      العشي, منال محمد رمضان; أبو معوّض, صفاء ناجي (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2017)
      The research treats bail in punishment for Allah's limits and retaliation which are documented from the authentication that preserve the rights of loss in addition to the cooperation and interdependence and solidarity among ...
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      Child’s Participation with Adults in a Murder Crime

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (الجامعة الإسلامية العالمية -ماليزيا, 2017-04-11)
      This study titled “Child’s Participation with Adults in a Murder Crime” tackles the issue of co-operation and participation in murder crime between young and adults people, and the resulting Islamic rulings in this regard. ...
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      Compensation for Damage Caused by Herbal Medicine

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-03-15)
      The phenomenon of herbal treatment is a common one in Arab societies in general, and the Palestinian society in particular.People often use this treatment for several reasons, including: lack of confidence in the ordinary ...
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      Designation by the occult analogy and its impact on the branches of jurisprudence.

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; علوش, محمد حسن علي (جامعة الأزهر - فلسطين -غزة, 2015-06-01)
      This paper presents the views of scholars of Usul Al Fiqh on the issue of allocation relative invisibility. Through a statement image issue, the disagreement with the scientists explain why the controversy, , Then each ...
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      Foreign Tourist's Provision of Transactions in Muslims Countries

      أبو مخدة، سالم عبد الله (Jurisprudence and Law Journal, 2016)
      This research handles the foreign tourist provisions in Islamic Countries, This research, first, showed definitions of foreign tourists, second, explained and Clarified some provisions of selling, buying, partnership, ...
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      Fugitive divorce

      العف, بسام حسن; السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2012)
      "Fugitive divorce" addresses the study depth of contention are frequent in the age dominated by the materialistic to be bound by the provisions of the law of God Almighty; where the baptized husband in his illness is ...
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      Impact of modern technologies in proving violation of intellectual property

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-04-22)
      This study presents an in-depth investigation of the impact of modern technologies in proving intellectual property violation. To achieve this aim, the researchers clarified the concept of intellectual property, its ...
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      Insurance of Zakat: A Comparative Jurisprudence Study

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2016-07-10)
      This research titled “Insurance of Zakat: A Comparative Jurisprudence Study” investigates in depth the legislative status of insurance with respect to the Zakat duty. In this case Zakat is paid on behalf of a dead person ...
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      Legal regulation to apply Electronic surveillance as an alternative to imprisonment on youngish.

      أسعد إمام, خلود محمد; قشطة, نزار حمدي (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2017)
      The interest appeared in the expression short-term substitutes of Freedom-Restricting Punishment (punitive detention). One of the most important substitutes is the electronic observation, which it's importance increases ...
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      Legislative miracles in the prohibition of contemporary thefts

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; العف, بسام حسن (كلية أصول الدين بالجامعة الإسلامية بغزة., 2016-12-24)
      This research, titled: "Legislative miracles in the prohibition of contemporary thefts" and submitted to the "miracle" conference hosted by the Faculty of Theology at the Islamic University deals with the study in-depth ...
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      Milestones of the Civil State of Islam

      السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2013)
      This research aims to indicate the type of Islamic State in terms of being civil or religious, and to show that the concept of the state must be indicated in the legal term, which indicated that it is a homogeneous group ...
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      Non-considered jurisprudential views and their impact on contemporary Islamic work

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (كلية الشريعة والقانون- الجامعة الإسلامية- غزة, 2013-03-04)
      This research discusses the issue of non-considered jurisprudential views and their impact on contemporary Islamic work, through explaining its history and development in Islamic jurisprudence, as well as the reasons for ...
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      Organizing Inquiry Committees in the Palestinian Constitutional System

      بشناق, باسم صبحي; منصور, محمد جودت (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2018)
      This study aims at submitting analytical therapy for legal governing to form the fact-finding committees, at highlighting some detail regarding the fact-finding committees as a mean of the parliamentary control over the ...
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      Practicing Mudarabah by the Guardian for Himself in the Orphan’sWealth

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-03-25)
      The issue of using the orphans’wealth is considered among the most important practical issues in Fiqh that is needed to be clarified in the Palestinian society.This is due to the increasing numbers of martyrs as a result ...
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      Principles of World Peace in Islam

      إبراهيم, تيسير كامل (Published by: Faculty of Syariah and Law Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia November 2019, 2019)
      This paper deals with world peace in Islam in one dimension, which is to show the general Islamic principles on which world peace was built. The research concluded that the general Islamic principles upon which world peace ...
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      Protective Proceedings From Employment Corruption.

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2014-01-18)
      Employment corruption is considered one of the contemporary issues that threatens the security and development in the society. Beside this, it adversely affects the interests of the public as it leads to undermine the ...
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      Proving the Faults of Marriage by Medical Methods and Its Impact on Marriage Agreements.

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (مجلس النشر العلمي- جامعة الكويت, 2017-09-18)
      This study discusses considering contemporary medical methods as evidences to rely on proving the faults of marriage between spouses. To realize this objective the researcher divided this study into three parts; the ...
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      Rulings of Mocking Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH)

      Ibrahim, Tayseer K. (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2016)
      This research deals with the issue of mocking the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) regarding the dogmatic rulings in terms of faith and disbelief in accordance with the worldly rulings associated with the application of punishment. ...
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      Rumor in the war and the position of Islamic law

      فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (جامعة مانشيستر, 2009-04-06)
      This research deals with the phenomenon of rumor in times of war through the statement of its concept and causes and stages of its spread, and then stands on the rule of those who are working on the dissemination and ...