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    The rights of the wounded and disabled in Islamic law

    السوسي, ماهر احمد; السوسي, محمد كمال صابر (2016)
    Speaking Find Islam's care category of the wounded and disabled in Islamic law, also highlights a number of rights guaranteed by Islamic law to the wounded and disabled, and these rights are not guaranteed them any legislation ...
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    The most prominent legislation characteristics in Islam

    السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2009)
    Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds -prayers and peace be upon the master of the messengers- our master Muhammad, and his family and companions. Islamic legislation is distinguished from other statutory legislation by ...
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    Milestones of the Civil State of Islam

    السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2013)
    This research aims to indicate the type of Islamic State in terms of being civil or religious, and to show that the concept of the state must be indicated in the legal term, which indicated that it is a homogeneous group ...
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    The emotional state and its impact on the rulings of the judiciary in Islamic jurisprudence

    السوسي, ماهر أحمد; أبو هربيد, عاطف محمد (2016)
    This research aims to stand to observe Islamic law and considered the situation affective qualities esoteric to the taxpayer, and how linking them Assignments provisions, obligation and preferable and legalization, and ...
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    Fugitive divorce

    العف, بسام حسن; السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2012)
    "Fugitive divorce" addresses the study depth of contention are frequent in the age dominated by the materialistic to be bound by the provisions of the law of God Almighty; where the baptized husband in his illness is ...
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    The extent of the father's authority over his son's money

    العف, بسام حسن; السوسي, ماهر أحمد (2012)
    Today some parents assaulted their children, money and numerous discounts between parents and children on this issue, has severed wombs because of it, for it tried to researchers studying these districts by searching the ...
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    الاجتهاد في العقليات وأثره في الحكم على المجتهدين

    ابراهيم, تيسير كامل; مقداد, زياد إبراهيم (كلية الشريعة والقانون الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة- كلية الإلهيات جامعة سكاريا, 2018)
    تناول هذا البحث قضيةً شائكة من قضايا علم أصول الفقه، ألا وهي قضيةُ تصويب الاجتهاد أو تخطئته، المعبر عنها في التراث الأصولي بسؤال هل المصيب واحد أم أن كل مجتهد مصيب، وقد حَظيت هذه القضية باهتمام كبير من الأصوليين؛ حتى أنه ...
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    Principles of World Peace in Islam

    إبراهيم, تيسير كامل (Published by: Faculty of Syariah and Law Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia November 2019, 2019)
    This paper deals with world peace in Islam in one dimension, which is to show the general Islamic principles on which world peace was built. The research concluded that the general Islamic principles upon which world peace ...
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    The Role of the Holy Quran in the Confirmation of the Rights of the Elderly.

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (كلية أصول الدين بالجامعة الإسلامية بغزة., 2008-12-16)
    This research talks about one of the most important legislative and rightful affairs which is the aged rights, which were stated in the Quran in social, healthy, economical and psychological sides of life. There by, our ...
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    Designation by the occult analogy and its impact on the branches of jurisprudence.

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; علوش, محمد حسن علي (جامعة الأزهر - فلسطين -غزة, 2015-06-01)
    This paper presents the views of scholars of Usul Al Fiqh on the issue of allocation relative invisibility. Through a statement image issue, the disagreement with the scientists explain why the controversy, , Then each ...
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    Anomalies in Fatwa, its concept, causes, effects, standards, and means of treatment

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (جامعة القصيم, 2013-01-20)
    This paper explores the concept of anomalous fatwa and abnormal releases by jurists and theologians. The researcher then explains the causes of anomalies in the fatwa, clarifies the standards of fatwa and shows the ...
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    Non-considered jurisprudential views and their impact on contemporary Islamic work

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (كلية الشريعة والقانون- الجامعة الإسلامية- غزة, 2013-03-04)
    This research discusses the issue of non-considered jurisprudential views and their impact on contemporary Islamic work, through explaining its history and development in Islamic jurisprudence, as well as the reasons for ...
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    Legislative miracles in the prohibition of contemporary thefts

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; العف, بسام حسن (كلية أصول الدين بالجامعة الإسلامية بغزة., 2016-12-24)
    This research, titled: "Legislative miracles in the prohibition of contemporary thefts" and submitted to the "miracle" conference hosted by the Faculty of Theology at the Islamic University deals with the study in-depth ...
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    Rumor in the war and the position of Islamic law

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (جامعة مانشيستر, 2009-04-06)
    This research deals with the phenomenon of rumor in times of war through the statement of its concept and causes and stages of its spread, and then stands on the rule of those who are working on the dissemination and ...
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    The role of the islamic political system in protecting from crime.

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (جامعة مانشيستر, 2012-07-22)
    The islmic political system is directly responsible for protecting the society and individuals from crime before happening ,this come through the adoption and the applying of a set of protective measures .As the duty of ...
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    Ways of Protection from Financial Crimes in Financial Markets (A Fiqh Study)

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; علوش, محمد حسن علي (2015-09-26)
    Financial markets are contemporary tools that are used in economic development all over the world. They are indispensable for any country that would like to gain an economic status. While these markets are means of development ...
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    The Impact of the Islamic Rule “Damage should be Removed” on Securing Doctors’ Mistakes

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب; عارف, عارف علي (2020-12-30)
    Doctors’ mistakes cause damage to the community. The Islamic Sharia necessitates the removal of damage or initially preventing its occurrence. This paper aims at examining the impact of the Islamic rule “Damage should be ...
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    Practicing Mudarabah by the Guardian for Himself in the Orphan’sWealth

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-03-25)
    The issue of using the orphans’wealth is considered among the most important practical issues in Fiqh that is needed to be clarified in the Palestinian society.This is due to the increasing numbers of martyrs as a result ...
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    Impact of modern technologies in proving violation of intellectual property

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-04-22)
    This study presents an in-depth investigation of the impact of modern technologies in proving intellectual property violation. To achieve this aim, the researchers clarified the concept of intellectual property, its ...
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    Compensation for Damage Caused by Herbal Medicine

    فرج, صلاح الدين طلب (2017-03-15)
    The phenomenon of herbal treatment is a common one in Arab societies in general, and the Palestinian society in particular.People often use this treatment for several reasons, including: lack of confidence in the ordinary ...

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