The European Union has funded the Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins project (CLIMB;, with the aim of producing a future-scenario assessment of climate change for significant hydrological basins of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean countries constitute an especially interesting area for hydrological investigation by climate scientists, given the high risk predicted by climate scenarios, and the pronounced susceptibility to droughts, extreme flooding, salinization of coastal aquifers and desertification, predicted as a consequence of the expected reduction of yearly precipitation and increase of the mean annual temperature. The strategy of CLIMB is aiming to employ and integrate advanced field monitoring techniques, remote sensing analyses and retrievals, integrated hydrologic (and biological) modeling and socioeconomic factor assessment in a new conceptual framework to significantly reduce existing uncertainties in climate change impact analysis and to create an integrated risk assessment tool for adaptive water resources management and best agricultural practice under climate change conditions. The project involved a large number of Master and PhD students and an intense stakeholder dialogue to ensure human capacity building in the participating partner countries.

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