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      A multicenter study on transfer, walking and stair climbing in persons with stroke admitted to specialized rehabilitation

      Langhammer, Birgitta; Sällström, Susanne; Stanghelle, Johan K.; Sunnerhagen, Katharina S; Lundgren-Nilsson, Å; Zhang, Tong; Bushnik, Tamara; Becker, Frank; Keren, Ofer; Banura, Samir; Elessi, khamis A.; Panchenko, Maria; Du, Xiaoxia; Wanying, D (Elsevier, 2015)
      Background: Walking on even surface and stair walking capacity are prerequisites for independence, and these capacities are often referred to as primary goals in rehabilitation after stroke.
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      Specialized stroke rehabilitation services in seven countries

      Langhammer, Birgitta.; Becker, Frank.; Sunnerhagen, Katharina S.; Zhang, Tong.; Du, Xiaoxia.; Bushnik, Tamara.; Panchenko, Maria.; Keren, Ofer.; Banura, Samir.; Elessi, khamis A.; Luzon, Fuad.; Lundgren-Nilsson, Åsa.; Li, Xie.; Sällström, Susanne.; Stanghelle, Johan K. (SAGE Publications, 2015)
      Background There is a lack of defined levels of rehabilitation, indicating possibly random content and access to specialized services. Aims and/or hypothesis The aim of the study was to perform a multinational descriptive ...