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      Medicinal mushroom modulators of molecular targets as cancer therapeutics

      Zaidman, Ben-Zion; Yassin, Maged M.; Mahajna, Jamal; Wasser, Solomon P (Springer-Verlag, 2005)
      Empirical approaches to discover anticancer drugs and cancer treatments have made limited progress in the past several decades in finding a cure for cancer. The expanded knowledge of the molecular basis of tumorigenesis ...
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      Medicinal Mushroom Substances as Cancer Molecular Therapy

      Mahajna, Jamal; Yassin, Maged M.; Zaidman, Ben-Zion (Begel House Inc., 2005)
      Medicinal mushrooms possess a variety of health promoting qualities as well as being a potential source of a variety of pharmaceuticals for some diseases, including cancer. Although most of the attention for their anticancer ...