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      A conceptual SOA-based framework for e-Government central database

      Baraka, Rebhi S.; Madoukh, Suhail M (IEEE, 2012)
      The Central Database is one of the core components in the Palestinian e-Government technical framework. The Central Database model lacks features such as: interoperability, flexibility, and manageability. The purpose of ...
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      A soa-based e-government data integration

      Madoukh, Suhail M; Baraka, Rebhi S. (2014)
      Data Integration presents a core issue in the Palestinian e-Government Technical Framework. The currently used data integration model relies on the Integrated Central Database which lacks quality attributes such as: ...
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      Building a SOA-Based Model for Purchase Order Management in E-Commerce Systems

      Baraka, Rebhi S.; Al-Ashqar, Yousef M (IEEE, 2013)
      Purchase Order Management (POM) is one of the most popular E-Commerce applications conducted between B2C and B2B systems. In many cases nowadays POM components use integration approaches that lack interoperability and ...
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      Performance Evaluation of RESTful Web Services for Mobile Devices

      Saad, Motaz K; Abed, Ramzi; Hamad, Hatem M. (2010)
      Smart Mobile devices and web services are becoming very popular. Mobile devices are physically constrained devices; low processor speed, limited memory, limited battery, and slow intermit wireless connection. This implies ...