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      Comprehensive Solutions for the Water Crisis in Gaza Strip

      Aiash, Mohammed; Mogheir, Yunes K. (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2017)
      Gaza Strip is one of the most scarce water resources areas in the region. The coastal aquifer is the only water resource in Gaza Strip and it suffers from rising deficit in the water budget because of continuous increase ...
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      عــلاج مشكـلة الفقـــر( دراسـة قرآنيـة موضوعيـة )

      اللوح, عبد السلام حمدان; عنبر, محمود هاشم (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2009)
      This study deals with the Quranic solution to a persistent problem common in all societies and throughout the ages. The study shows the uniqueness, accuracy , depth, comprehensiveness and Justice of the Quranic solution. ...