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      Combining ICA Representations for Recognizing Faces

      Maghari, Ashraf Y. A. (Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, 2015)
      Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a generalization of Principal Component Analysis (PCA), and it looks for components that are both statistically independent and non-Gaussian. ICA is sensitive to high-order statistic ...
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      PCA-based Reconstruction of 3D Face shapes using Tikhonov Regularization.

      Maghari, Ashraf Y. A.; Venkat, Ibrahim; Liao, Iman YI; Belaton, Bahari (2013)
      Reconstructing a 3D face shape from a limited number of 2D facial feature points is considered as an ill-posed problem which can be solved using regularization. Tikhonov regularization is a popular method that incorporates ...
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      Reconstructing 3D face shapes from single 2D images using an adaptive deformation model

      Maghari, Ashraf Y. A.; Venkat, Ibrahim; Liao, Iman YI; Belaton, Bahari (Springer, Cham, 2013)
      The Representational Power (RP) of an example-based model is its capability to depict a new 3D face for a given 2D face image. In this contribution, a novel approach is proposed to increase the RP of the 3D reconstruction ...
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      Reconstruction of 3D faces by shape estimation and texture interpolation

      Maghari, Ashraf Y. A.; Venkat, Ibrahim; Belaton, Bahari (2013)
      This paper aims to address the ill-posed problem of reconstructing 3D faces from single 2D face images. An extended Tikhonov regularization method is connected with the standard 3D morphable model in order to reconstruct ...