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      DIC Structural HMM based IWAK-Means to Enclosed Face Data

      Alhanjouri, Mohammed A.; Hejazi, Hana (Foundation of Computer Science, 2011)
      This paper identifies two novel techniques for face features extraction based on two different multi-resolution analysis tools; the first called curvelet transform while the second is waveatom transform. The resultant ...
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      Modified Enhancement Method for Poor Quality Fingerprint Recognition

      Alhanjouri, Mohammed A.; Abudalal, Waleed A. (tejass publisheers, 2017)
      Reliable feature extraction from poor quality fingerprint images is still the most challenging problem in fingerprint recognition system. It needs a lot of pre-processing steps to improve the quality of images, then it ...
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      Multi-Resolution Analysis For Medical Image Compression

      Alhanjouri, Mohammed A. (Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC), 2011)
      The improvement in image compression filed is mainly related to the need of rapid and efficient techniques for the storage and transmission of data among individuals. To obtain the maximal capabilities of storage and ...