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      Analysis of Damage of Reinforced Mortar by Non-Destructive Methods

      El Guerjouma, Rachid; Elaqra, Hossam A.; Sharia, Maher (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2015)
      The aim of this study is the improvement of the potential of coupling between non-destructive methods on damage characterization of mortar (acoustic emission and ultrasound). The mortar is a very heterogynous material, in ...
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      Simulation of A symmetry Metamaterial Waveguide Absorber (TE&TM)

      Mousa, Hana M; Shabat, Mohammed M. (Elsevier, 2015)
      This communication presents a simulation of metamaterials absorber in lossy waveguide structure for solar cell applications. Both transverse electric (TE)and transverse magnetic (TM) waves propagating in a three layered ...
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      Simulation of an Asymmetric Transvers Electric TE Metamaterial Absorber

      Mousa, Hana M.; Mousa, Hana M; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (2017)
      This paper introduces the principle method and simulation of an asymmetric TE (transverse electric) mode absorption in a lossy artificial metamaterial (LHM (left-handed material)). LHM is sandwiched between a lossy substrate ...