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      Adsorption of benzene and naphthalene to modified montmorillonite

      El-Nahhal, Yasser; Safi, Jamal M (2005)
      This study aims to characterize the adsorption pattern of benzene and naphthalene on montmorillonite modified with hexadecyltrimethylammonium (HDTMA), tetramethylammonium (TMA), tetraethylammonium (TEA), tetrabutylammonium ...
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      Adsorption of bromoxynil by modified bentonite: influence of pH and temperature

      El-Nahhal, Yasser; Safi, Jamal M (Pesticide Science Society of Japan, 2010)
      This study investigates the adsorption behavior of bromoxynil under various pH and temperature conditions. Organo-bentonite complexes were prepared and used as adsorbents for bromoxynil. The concentrations of bromoxynil ...
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      Adsorption of diuron and linuron in Gaza soils

      El-Nahhal, Yasser; Abadsa, Mohamed; Afifi, Samir (Scientific Research Publishing, 2013)
      This study investigated the adsorption potential of diuron and linuron in selected soil samples collected from agricultural area of Gaza Strip, Palestine and correlated the adsorption results to the soil properties. The ...
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      Adsorption, leaching and phytotoxicity of some herbicides as single and mixtures to some crops

      El-Nahhal, Yasser; Hamdona, Nisreen (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      The study investigated adsorption, leaching potential, and phytotoxicity of alachlor, bromacil, and diuron on melon, Molokhia, and wheat in Gaza strip. Plant height was used to estimate growth inhibition (phytotoxicity). ...
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      Development of controlled release formulations of thiabendazole

      El-Nahhal, Yasser (Scientific Research Publishing, 2014)
      This study aimed to develop controlled release formulation of Thiabendazole for reduced contaminations to soil water and agricultural produces. The idea behind this work was based on changing the ionization status of ...