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      Overexpression of TBX3 transcription factor as a potential diagnostic marker for breast cancer

      Aliwaini, Saeb H.; Lubbad, Abdel Monem M.; Shourfa, Ahmed; Hamada, Hosam A.; Ayesh, Basim M.; Abu Tayem, Husam Eddeen M.; Abu Mustafa, Ayman Mustafa Soliman; Abu Rouk, Fayek; Redwan, Moen M.; AL-Najjar, Mohamed (Spandidos Publications, 2018-11-09)
      The T-box 3 (TBX3) transcription factor has been shown to serve multiple roles in normal development. Recent findings have revealed that TBX3 is overexpressed in different types of carcinomas, including breast, cervical, ...