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      Effectiveness of air sparging technology in remediation of Gaza coastal aquifer from gasoline products

      Ghabayen, Said M.; Abualtayef, Mazen; Rabah, Fahid K.; Matter, Dalia; Mohsen, Dana; Elmasri, Intimaa (Scientific Research Publishing, Inc,, 2013)
      Groundwater contamination becomes a great concern in many countries. One of the most important pollutants is hydrocarbons. Sources of Hydrocarbons pollutants in Gaza can be a result of accidental spills of petroleum products ...
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      Environmental Assessment North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment Plant Project

      Sarraj, Yahya R.; Taha, Salah; Rustom, Rifat N.; Ghabayen, Said (2010)
      1. The Beit Lahia Wastewater Treatment Plant (BLWWTP) was constructed in 1976 in the northern part of Gaza Strip at the outskirts of Beit Lahia town. 2. The system was designed as a secondary treatment plant with a capacity ...
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      Genetic Algorithm Model to Optimize Water Resources Allocation in Gaza Strip

      Ghabayen, Said M.; I. Sirdah, And Basim; Madi, Ibrahim M.; Qahman, Khalid A. (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2014)
      Groundwater aquifer is considered the main and only water supply source for all kind of human usage in Gaza Strip (domestic, agricultural and industrial). This source is severely deteriorated in both quality and quantity ...
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      Microbial water quality of coastal recreational water in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

      Abualtayef, Mazen; Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Abu Foul, Ahmed M; Ghabayen, Said; Elsinwar, Hassan M. (UNS Solo, 2014-05-01)
      Abualtayef MT, Abd Rabou AN, Abu Foul AA, GhabayenSM, ElsinwarHM.2014.Microbial water quality of coastal recreational water in the Gaza Strip,Palestine. Nusantara Bioscience 6:26-32.Wastewater disposal into the ...
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      Abualtayef, Mazen; Abu Foul, Ahmed M; Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Matar, Omar; Ghabayen, Said; Seif, Ahmed (2013-02-23)
      Coastal erosion is an ongoing hazard affecting Gaza beach, but is worsening due to a wide range of human activities such as the construction of Gaza fishing harbor in 1994-1998. The net annual alongshore sediment transport ...
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      Solar energy to optimize the cost of RO desalination plant case study: Deir Elbalah SWRO plant in Gaza strip

      AlBorsh, Hussam A.; Ghabayen, Said M. (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2017)
      Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis (SWRO) is currently considered as one of the most widely used and reliable technology in providing additional water supply for areas suffering from water scarcity. High energy ...
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      The impact of Gaza fishing harbour on the Mediterranean coast of Gaza

      Abualtayef, Mazen; Ghabayen, Said M.; Abu Foul, Ahmed M; Seif, Ahmed; Kuroiwa, Masamitsu; Matsubara, Yuhei; Matar, Omar (2012)
      The Mediterranean coast of Gaza strip, which is covered about 40 km in length, is rich by coastal resources. The development that occurred along the coastal lines has led to the host of problems such as increased erosion, ...