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      A comparative study of outlier mining and class outlier mining

      Saad, Motaz K; Hewahi, Nabil M (2009)
      Outliers can significantly affect data mining performance. Outlier mining is an important issue in knowledge discovery and data mining and has attracted increasing interests in recent years. Class outlier is promising ...
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      A Lexical Distance Study of Arabic Dialects

      Abu Kwaik, Kathrein; Saad, Motaz K; Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios; Dobnika, Simon (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      Diglossia is a very common phenomenon in Arabic-speaking communities, where the spoken language is different from both Classical Arabic (CA) and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). The spoken language is characterised as a number ...
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      Alignment of comparable documents: Comparison of similarity measures on French–English–Arabic data

      Langlois, David; Saad, Motaz K; Smaıli, Kamel (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
      The objective, in this article, is to address the issue of the comparability of documents, which are extracted from different sources and written in different languages. These documents are not necessarily translations of ...
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      Arabic morphological tools for text mining

      Saad, Motaz K; Ashour, Wesam M. (2010)
      Arabic Language has complex morphology; this led to unavailability to standard Arabic morphological analysis tools until now. In this paper, we present and evaluate existing common Arabic stemming/light stemming algorithms, ...
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      Arabic text classification using decision trees

      Saad, Motaz K; Ashour, Wesam M. (2010)
      Text mining draw more and more attention recently, it has been applied on different domains including web mining, opinion mining, and sentiment analysis. Text pre-processing is an important stage in text mining. The major ...
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      ArbDialectID at MADAR Shared Task 1: Language Modelling and Ensemble Learning for Fine Grained Arabic Dialect Identification

      Abu Kwaik, Kathrein; Saad, Motaz K (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2019-08)
      In this paper, we present a Dialect Identification system (ArbDialectID) that competed at Task 1 of the MADAR shared task, MADARTravel Domain Dialect Identification. We build a course and a fine-grained identification model ...
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      Building and modelling multilingual subjective corpora

      Saad, Motaz K; Langlois, David; Smaıli, Kamel (European Language Resources Association (ELRA), 2014)
      Building multilingual opinionated models requires multilingual corpora annotated with opinion labels. Unfortunately, such kind of corpora are rare. We consider opinions in this work as subjective or objective. In this ...
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      Class Outliers Mining: Distance-Based Approach.

      Hewahi, Nabil M; Saad, Motaz K (2007)
      In large datasets, identifying exceptional or rare cases with respect to a group of similar cases is considered very significant problem. The traditional problem (Outlier Mining) is to find exception or rare cases in a ...
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      Comparing multilingual comparable articles based on opinions

      Saad, Motaz K; Langlois, David; Smaıli, Kamel (2013)
      Multilingual sentiment analysis attracts increased attention as the massive growth of multilingual web contents. This conducts to study opinions across different languages by comparing the underlying messages written by ...
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      Cross Language Concept Mining

      Smaili, Kamel; Saad, Motaz K; Langlois, David (University of Lorraine, 2013)
      We present a method which, given a few words defining a concept in some language , retrieves, disambiguates and extends corresponding terms that define a similar concept in another specified language. This can be very ...
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      Cross-dialectal arabic processing

      Harrat, Salima; Meftouh, Karima; Abbas, Mourad; Jamoussi, Salma; Saad, Motaz K; Smaili, Kamel (Springer, Cham, 2015)
      We present, in this paper an Arabic multi-dialect study including dialects from both the Maghreb and the Middle-east that we compare to the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Three dialects from Maghreb are concerned by this ...
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      Cross-Lingual Semantic Similarity Measure for Comparable Articles

      Saad, Motaz K; Langlois, David; Smaıli, Kamel (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
      A measure of similarity is required to find and compare cross-lingual articles concerning a specific topic. This measure can be based on bilingual dictionaries or based on numerical methods such as Latent Semantic Indexing ...
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      Distributed Data Mining On Grid Environment

      Saad, Motaz K; Abed, Ramzi (2012)
      Data mining tasks considered a very complex business problem. In this research, we study the enhancement in the speedup of executing data mining tasks on a grid environment. Experiments were performed by running two main ...
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      Extracting Comparable Articles from Wikipedia and Measuring their Comparabilities

      Saad, Motaz K; Langlois, David; Smaıli, Kamel (Elsevier, 2013)
      Parallel corpora are not available for all domains and languages, but statistical methods in multilingual research domains require huge parallel/comparable corpora. Comparable corpora can be used when the parallel is not ...
    • Fouille de documents et d’opinions multilingue

      Saad, Motaz K (2015)
      L’objectif de cette thèse est d’étudier les sentiments dans les documents comparables. Premièrement, nous avons recueillis des corpus comparables en anglais, français et arabe de Wikipédia et d’Euronews, et nous avons ...
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      LSTM-CNN Deep Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis of Dialectal Arabic

      Abu Kwaik, Kathrein; Saad, Motaz K; Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios; Dobnik, Simon (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019)
      In this paper we investigate the use of Deep Learning (DL) methods for Dialectal Arabic Sentiment Analysis. We propose a DL model that combines long-short term memory (LSTM) with convolutional neural networks (CNN). The ...
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      Mining Documents and Sentiments in Cross-lingual Context

      Saad, Motaz K (2015)
      The aim of this thesis is to study sentiments in comparable documents. First, we collect English, French and Arabic comparable corpora from Wikipedia and Euronews, and we align each corpus at the document level. We further ...
    • Neural network-based minutiae extraction for fingerprint verification system

      Alijla, Basem O; Saad, Motaz K; Issawi, Sally F (IEEE, 2017)
      Fingerprint is one of the most important biometrics that has been employed for verification systems. Fingerprint is characterized by two fundamental properties; Easy to acquire, and it is unique for each person. This paper ...
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      Osac: Open source arabic corpora

      Saad, Motaz K; Ashour, Wesam M. (2010)
      The acute lack of free public accessible Arabic corpora is one of the major difficulties that Arabic linguistics researches face. The effort of this paper is a step towards supporting Arabic linguistics research field. ...