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      Assessment of Rainwater Losses due to Urban Expansion of Gaza Strip

      Khalaf, Atef Rushdi (the islamic university, 2005)
      Water is a vital source supporting all forms of developments in Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, water scarcity is the main characteristic of the Gaza Strip. Throughout the years, the Gaza Strip has been experiencing an increasing ...
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      Critical Success Factors of TQM Implementation on Construction Projects in Gaza Strip

      Al-tayeb, Mustafa (the islamic university, 2008)
      The construction industry has been one of the most important industries for the development of the Palestinian infrastructure and economy. The Total Quality Management TQM is considered as one of the most important approaches ...
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      Denitrification of GroundWater Using Sand Filter

      Habboub, Wassem Y. (the islamic university, 2007)
      Groundwater is the sole source of potable water inGazastrip. Nitrate concentrations are increasing, in sonic cases rapidly, at rates of up to 10 mg/L per year and generating health hazards especially for babies (Less than ...
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      Evaluation and Design Model of Decentralized Units for Wastewater Treatment

      El-halabi, Mohammed Khalil (the islamic university, 2005)
      Deterioration of the public health can be caused due to the discharge of untreated wastewater into the aquatic environment. Cesspits systems are the most common treatment units on household level in rural areas of Gaza ...
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      Landfills Needs Assessment in Gaza Strip and Sites Selection Using GIS

      Abdalqader, Ahmed Fahmi Rebhi (the islamic university, 2011)
      Currently, Gaza Strip is facing solid waste management (SWM) issues as landfills are rapidly filling up, increasing amount of waste are generated, shortage of disposal land, resulting of serious environmental and human ...
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      Measuring the Efficiency of Construction Companies in Gaza Strip Using Data Envelopment Analysis DEA

      Shoman, Younis Mohammad (the islamic university, 2009)
      The science of performance measurement has rapidly developed towards the end of the last century with the emergence of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) technique. This powerful technique has contributed considerably to solve ...
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      Modifications of Conventional Rigid and Flexible Methods for Mat Foundation Design

      Alshorafa, Mazen Abedel Kareem (the islamic university, 2008)
      This study provided the findings of the theoretical and experimental investigations into the modifications of conventional rigid method for mat foundation design carried out at Islamic University of Gaza. The main objective ...
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      Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

      Zuhud, Ayed Ahmad (the islamic university, 2008)
      Owing to the shortage of space for land reclamation in Gaza Strip, it is difficult to dispose tons of construction and demolition waste generated daily from construction activities and destroying of building during Israeli ...
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      Soil Pressure Behind Retaining Wall with Narrow Backfill

      Hamad, Jihad (the islamic university, 2012)
      High traffic demands have led to widening of existing highways to accommodate increased traffic volume. However, due to the high cost of widening the roads and limited space available at the site, construction of earth ...
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      Tunneling Effect on Foundation Settlement

      Allah, Muneeb Jad (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2015)
      One of the problems of tunneling in urban spaces is ground settlements to surface structures. Ground movement prediction is closely related to structural performance and the interaction between the ground and the tunnel. ...
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      Using of Recycled Aggregate in Producing Concrete Elements

      Abed, Fady Mansur Abdalla (the islamic university, 2009)
      This thesis aimed to find the potential of using recycled aggregate as course aggregate in the production of concrete blocks and interlocks for roads. Various percentages of recycled aggregate and natural aggregate (0%, ...