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      Effect of high-volume ultrafine palm oil fuel ash on the engineering and transport properties of concrete

      Hamada, Hussein M.; Al-attar, Alya’a A.; Yahaya, Fadzil M.; Muthusamy, Khairunisa; Tayeh, Bassam A.; Humada, Ali M. (Elsevier BV, 2020-06)
      Palm oil fuel ash (POFA) is a by-product in palm oil manufacturing and is currently disposed to open areas and landfills without any previous treatment, thereby causing environment pollution. The use of small-particle-sized ...
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      The present state of the use of eggshell powder in concrete: A review

      Hamada, Hussein M.; Tayeh, Bassam A.; Al-Attar, Alyaa; Yahaya, Fadzil M.; Muthusamy, Khairunisa; Humada, Ali M. (Elsevier BV, 2020-11)
      Eggshell (ES) is a bio-waste material obtained from bakers and fast-food restaurants. This waste material is generally disposed of in landfills, causing health hazards and polluting the environment. Eggshell powder (ESP) ...