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      Comparison Of Ising Magnet On Directed Versus Undirected Erdös–Rényi And Scale-Free Networks

      Sumour, Muneer A.; El-Astal, Ali H.; Lima, Fws; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Khalil, HM; Khalil, Hala M (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007)
      Scale-free networks are a recently developed approach to model the interactions found in complex natural and man-made systems. Such networks exhibit a power-law distribution of node link (degree) frequencies n(k) in which ...
    • Electronic conductance in quantum wires with serial stub and periodic potential

      Fayad, Hisham M.; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Khalil, Hala-m (IEEE, 2001)
      We utilize the transfer matrix method to study the electronic conductance through one-dimensional wire containing periodic potential and serial stub structures. The conductance spectrum is analyzed and compared with each ...
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      Electronic conductance of quantum wire with serial periodic potential structures

      Fayad, Hisham M.; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Khalil, Hala-m (Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, 2000)
      A theory based on the total transfer matrix is presented to investigate the electronic conductance in a quantum wire with serial periodic potentials. We apply the formalism in computation of the electronic conductance in ...
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      Nonlinear optical waveguide structure for sensor application: TM case

      Khalil, Hala M; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Taya, Sofyan A.; Abadla, Mazen M. (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007)
      In this work, we present an extensive theoretical analysis of nonlinear optical waveguide sensor. The waveguide under consideration consists of a thin dielectrica film surrounded by a self-focused nonlinear cladding and a ...
    • Nonlinear surface waves along the boundary of magnetic superlattices (LANS)

      Mousa, Hana M.; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Khalil, HM; Khalil, Hala M; Jager, Dieter (International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2004)
      In this paper, the propagation characteristics of nonlinear surface waves at a lateral antiferromagnetic/nonmagnetic superlattices (LANS) substrate and a nonlinear dielectric cover have been investigated. LANS super-lattices ...