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    • Bacterial utilization of purified temik

      Asgari, Noshin; Sharif, Fadel A.; Özden, M Yasar; Alaeddinoglu, N Gürdal (Elsevier, 1995)
      A bacterial consortium isolated from soil samples with a history of Temik application was tested for its ability to utilize Temik, purified Temik, and analytical-grade aldicarb as the sole sources of carbon and energy. ...
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      Cloning and DNA sequence analysis of the glucose oxidase gene from Aspergillus niger NRRL‐3

      Kriechbaum, Marion; Heilmann, Hans J; Wientjes, Franz J; Hahn, Marina; Jany, Klaus-d; Gassen, Hans G; Sharif, Fadel A.; Alaeddinoglu, N Gürdal (Wiley, 1989)
      A cDNA library from Aspergillus niger strain NRRL‐3 enriched in sequences encoding the glucose oxidase was constructed. An 800 bp cDNA clone isolated from this library was used to screen 12 000 recombinant phages from an ...
    • Covalent immobilization of Aspergillus niger on pHEMA membrane: Application to continuous flow reactors

      Arica, M Yakup; Sharif, Fadel A.; Alaeddinoglu, N Gürdal; Hasirci, Nesrin; Hasirci, Vasif (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 1993)
      Poly(2‐hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (pHEMA) membrane was prepared via photopolymerization and activated with epichlorohydrin. The conidia of Aspergillus niger strains (wild type ‘NRRL‐3’ and genetically improved strain ...
    • Expression and overproduction of glucose oxidase in Aspergillus niger

      Sharif, Fadel A.; Alaeddinoglu, N Gürdal (Springer-Verlag, 1992)
      This report describes the expression of cloned glucose oxidase gene (god) in glucose-oxidase-deficient mutants (God−) of Aspergillus niger NRRL-3, the use of this gene for the elevation of glucose oxidase (GOD) productivity ...