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      The emotional state and its impact on the rulings of the judiciary in Islamic jurisprudence

      السوسي, ماهر أحمد; أبو هربيد, عاطف محمد (2016)
      This research aims to stand to observe Islamic law and considered the situation affective qualities esoteric to the taxpayer, and how linking them Assignments provisions, obligation and preferable and legalization, and ...
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      الحرية الإعلامية في الإسلام

      أبو هربيد, عاطف محمد (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2014)
      The purpose of this study was to stand on the concept of media freedom, and to identify the foundations and principles upon which the legitimacy, controls and legal guarantees for the exercise of media freedom in the light ...
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      القواعد الشرعية لسلامة إنتاج وحفظ الغذاء

      أبو هربيد, عاطف محمد (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2012)
      This study aimed to stand by the definition of food as the basis for human life and its growth since being a fetus in the womb of his mother, passing through all the stages of his life until his death, because of the food ...