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    • A new LC/APCI-MS method for the determination of cholesterol oxidation products in food

      Raith, Klaus; Brenner, Christian; Farwanah, Hany; Müller, Gerit; Eder, Klaus; Neubert, Reinhard HH (Elsevier, 2005)
      Cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) can be formed in the body or in animal foods from cholesterol during food processing. A new method for the extraction and quantification of cholesterol, 7-ketocholesterol, cholestane ...
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      LC/APCI-MS in Lipid Analysis

      Raith, Klaus; Farwanah, Hany; Brenner, Christian; Schmelzer, Christian EH; Neubert, Reinhard HH
      Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) is a well-established ionisation technique for liquid samples. Although LC/MS is mostly carried out using the electrospray interface, APCI and the relatively new Atmospheric ...