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      Enshassi, Adnan; Taha, Salah; Mayer, Peter Eduard (2004)
      The current crises in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has created extreme levels of unemployment and a related decrease in overall economic activity. At the same time, the social services, as well as the social and economic ...
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      Analysis of construction site injuries in Palestine

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mayer, Peter Eduard (Spon Press, London, 2004)
      Construction sites are considered dangerous places. A large number of people die on them every year. Many site injuries result from people falling from structures like roofs and scaffolds, or being hit by falling objects. ...
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      Barriers to the application of sustainable construction concepts in Palestine

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mayer, Peter Eduard (2005)
      The state of the environment is a matter of growing current concern. It is a concern based on the observation that degradation of the environment is already affecting the quality of life of people throughout the world. The ...
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      Benchmarking masonry labor productivity

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mohamed, Sherif; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Abed, Karem (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2007)
      Purpose – Labor productivity is one of the most important factors that affect the physical progress of any construction project. In order to improve labor productivity, site production should be measured on a regular basis, ...
    • Causes of Time Waste in Construction Projects in Palestine

      Enshassi, Adnan; El-Moghany, Said; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Zimmermann, Josef (Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, 2010)
      Waste has been recognized as a major problem in the construction industry in developed and developing countries. It has a considerable impact on the efficiency of the construction industry and the overall economy of the ...
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      Factors affecting labour productivity in building projects in the Gaza Strip

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mohamed, Sherif; Abu Mustafa, Ziad; Mayer, Peter Eduard (Taylor & Francis Group, 2007)
      Productivity remains an intriguing subject and a dominant issue in the construction sector, promising cost savings and efficient usage of resources. Productivity is one of the most important issues in both developed and ...
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      Enshassi, Adnan; El-Moghany, Said; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Zimmermann, Josef (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011)
      The Construction sector is one of the main contributors to the Palestinian economy and it is vital for necessary infrastructure development. The sector contributes up to 16 per cent of the GDP, employs approximately 22 per ...
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      Perception of construction managers towards safety in Palestine

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Mohamed, Sherif; El-Masri, Fayez (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
      Throughout the world, construction is one of the most hazardous industries due to the complex and unsafe nature of construction; the Gaza Strip in Palestine is no exception. Construction site safety records on the Gaza ...
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      Perception of contracing parties on construction safety in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

      Enshassi, Adnan; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Choudhry, Rafiq M; Hassouna, Ahmed (2007)
      The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries in developing countries. Understanding the safety climate or culture of a workplace, the perceptions and attitudes of the workforce are important factors ...
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      Safety performance of subcontractors in the Palestinian construction industry

      Enshassi, Adnan; Choudhry, Rafiq M; Mayer, Peter Eduard; Shoman, Younis (Directory of Open Access Journals, 2008)
      Subcontractors perform most of the construction works and their effect on industry are apparent in different activities of construction. Therefore, subcontractors need more attention from government and contractors union. ...