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      A comprehensive review of disputes prevention and resolution in construction projects

      Alaloul, Wesam S.; Wirahadikusumah, R.D.; Hasaniyah, Mohammed W.; Tayeh, Bassam A.; Hasiholan, B.; Kusumaningrum, P. (EDP Sciences, 2019)
      The construction industry is complex, fragmented, dynamic and involves many parties in an adversarial relationship. This makes disputes almost inevitable in any construction project. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive ...
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      Challenges Facing Small-sized Construction Firms in the Gaza Strip

      Tayeh, Bassam A.; Alaloul, Wesam S.; Muhaisen, Waleed B. (Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., 2019-05-31)
      Background: The construction industry is the most active tool for societies development and one of the main pillars in the Palestinian economy. Objective: The aim of this study is to identify the main internal and ...
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      Duties of construction Projects Coordination in Gaza Strip

      Enshassi, Adnan; Alaloul, Wesam S. (The Islamic University of Gaza, 2014-09-12)
      Construction industry is considered as one of the most important industries in Palestinian economy. It is a complicated industry with multi stakeholders, in unstable circumstances. The aim of this paper is to study ...
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      Success Factors and Barriers of Last Planner System Implementation in the Gaza Strip Construction Industry

      Tayeh, Bassam A.; Al Hallaq, Khalid; Al Faqawi, Abdulla H.; Alaloul, Wesam S.; Kim, Soo Y. (Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., 2018-12-21)
      Background: Plan unreliability is a serious issue in the construction industry. Since the industry is fragmented and every project is unique, time overrun is a chronic problem. In this context, Last Planner Concept (LPC) ...