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      Sawle, Philip; Hammad, Jehad; Fairlamb, Ian JS; Moulton, Benjamin; O'brien, Ciara T; Lynam, Jason M; Duhme-Klair, Anne K; Duhme-Klair, Anne-kathrin; Foresti, Roberta; Motterlini, Roberto (American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), 2006)
      Carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CO-RMs) are compounds capable of delivering controlled amounts of CO within a cellular environment. Ruthenium-based carbonyls (CORM-2 and CORM-3) and boronacorbonates (CORM-A1) have ...
    • η4-Pyrone iron(0)carbonyl complexes as effective CO-releasing molecules (CO-RMs)

      Fairlamb, Ian JS; Duhme-Klair, Anne-kathrin; Lynam, Jason M; Moulton, Benjamin; O'brien, Ciara T; Sawle, Philip; Hammad, Jehad; Motterlini, Roberto (Pergamon, 2006)
      The CO-releasing properties of iron(0)tricarbonyl complexes bearing a 2-pyrone ligand have been evaluated. In this report, we demonstrate that the intrinsic stability of the (η4-2-pyrone)Fe(CO)3 complex influences the ...