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    • Drivers affecting household residents’ water and related energy consumption in residential buildings

      Enshassi, Adnan; Elzebdeh, Salam; Mohamed, Sherif (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2017)
      This study reveals that climate changes, knowledge of how to conserve water and energy and household size are the most important drivers that are affecting household residents' consumption of water and related energy in ...
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      Residential Consumers' Attitudes towards Water and Energy Conservation

      Enshassi, Adnan; Elzebdeh, Salam (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University, 2017)
      ホーム: 探す・調べる: 九大コレクション: 図書・雑誌; リポジトリ(QIR); 学位論文; 貴重資料; 蔵書印画像; 炭鉱画像; 所蔵コレクション. 世界の文献; データベース; 学習; 教育・研究. 図書館を使う: 中央図書館【箱崎】; 新中央図書館【伊都】; 伊都図書館; 医学図書館; 芸術工学図書館; 筑紫図書館. 文系合同図書室; 嚶鳴天空広場; 記録資料館 産業経済資料; 記録資料館 九州文化史資料; 別府病院図書室; ...
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      Enshassi, Adnan; Elzebdeh, Salam; Arain, Faisal (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2017)
      Gaza Strip in Palestine is severely affected by water and energy crises. The study objective is to assess the attitudes of professionals regarding strategies that can be used for improving the consumption of water and ...
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      Water and Related Energy in Residential Buildings, Conservation and Sustainability

      Elzebdeh, Salam Mohammed Saied (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2015)
      Gaza Strip is suffering the scarcity of water and energy (electricity) supply and distribution which signify a real catastrophe for residential buildings in this area. Water and energy shortage is accredited to numerous ...