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    • Design and analysis of multilayer waveguides containing nanoparticles for solar cells

      Shabat, Mohammed M.; El-Amassi, Dena M; Schaadt, Daniel M (Pergamon, 2016)
      A novel waveguide structure containing nanoparticles with various substrate media has been proposed to find out the transmission and reflections of the incident light on the proposed structure. The Transfer matrix method ...
    • Enhanced absorption of TM waves in conductive nanoparticles structure

      Mousa, Hana M.; Mousa, Hana M; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Ouda, AK; Schaadt, Daniel M (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2018)
      This paper tackles anti-reflection coating structure for silicon solar cell where conductive nanoparticle (CNP) film is sandwiched between a semi-infinite glass cover and a semi-infinite silicon substrate. The transmission ...
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      Shabat, Mohammed M.; El-Samak, Nadara S; Schaadt, Daniel M; Authority, Palestinian (2018)
      We theoretically investigate the effects of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) as an absorbing material in a complex waveguide structure model. Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method is used to discretize the Maxwell’s curl ...
    • Metamaterial-Silicon Anti-reflection Waveguide Model for Solar Cells

      Hamouche, Houria; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (Optical Society of America, 2016)
      Transfer matrix method was applied to analyze the optical properties of a metamaterial antireflection coating structure for silicon solar cells for several angles of incidence. The numerical results highlighted an enhancement ...
    • Multilayer solar cell waveguide structures containing metamaterials

      Hamouche, Houria; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (Academic Press, 2017)
      Multilayer antireflection coating structures made from silicon and metamaterials are designed and investigated using the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM). The Transfer Matrix Method is a very useful algorithm for the analysis ...
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      Simulation of an Asymmetric Transvers Electric TE Metamaterial Absorber

      Mousa, Hana M.; Mousa, Hana M; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (2017)
      This paper introduces the principle method and simulation of an asymmetric TE (transverse electric) mode absorption in a lossy artificial metamaterial (LHM (left-handed material)). LHM is sandwiched between a lossy substrate ...
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      Solar cell with multilayer structure based on nanoparticles composite

      El-Khozondar, Hala J.; El-Khozondar, Rifa J.; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (Urban & Fischer, 2018)
      In this study, a four-layer waveguide structure has been investigated as a solar cell model. In the proposed structure, a nanoparticle composite layer is added to enhance the efficiency of the solar cell due to their ability ...
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      Wide-angle and wavelength-independent perfect absorption at metamaterial surfaces

      Ubeid, Muin F; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Schaadt, Daniel M (2016)
      In this paper, the reflection and absorption properties of a metamaterial layer on a metallic substrate is investigated theoretically and numerically. Perfect absorption is achieved for any frequency and for any angle of ...