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      Climate-induced changes on the hydrology of Mediterranean basins—A research concept to reduce uncertainty and quantify risk

      Ludwig, Ralf; Soddu, Antonino; Duttmann, Rainer; Baghdadi, Nicolas; Benabdallah, Sihem; Deidda, Roberto; Marrocu, Marino; Strunz, Guenter; Wendland, Frank; Engin, Guleda; Paniconi, Claudio; Prettenthaler, Franz; Lajeunesse, Isabelle; Afifi, Samir; Cassiani, Giorgio; Bellin, Alberto; Mabrouk, Badr; Bach, Heike; Ammerl, Thomas (2010)
      The presented project initiative CLIMB (‘Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins–Reducing Uncertainty and Quantifying Risk’) has recently signed a Grant Agreement in EC’s 7th Framework Program ...
    • Is climate change a threat for water uses in the Mediterranean region? Results from a survey at local scale

      Jeunesse, Isabelle L; Cirelli, Claudia; Aubin, David; Larrue, Corinne; Sellami, Haykel; Afifi, Samir; Bellin, Alberto; Benabdallah, Sihem; Bird, David Neil; Deidda, Roberto; Dettori, Marco; Engin, Güleda; Herrmann, Frank; Ludwig, Ralf; Mabrouk, Badr; Majone, Bruno; Paniconi, Claudio; Soddu, Antonino (Elsevier, 2016)
      Water scarcity and water security are linked, not only through the direct effects of water shortages on each water users' access to water, but also because of water conflicts generated. Climate change is predicted to raise ...