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    • Activation of Nrf2 in keratinocytes causes chloracne (MADISH)‐like skin disease in mice

      Schäfer, Matthias; Willrodt, Ann‐helen; Kurinna, Svitlana; Link, Andrea S; Farwanah, Hany; Geusau, Alexandra; Gruber, Florian; Sorg, Olivier; Huebner, Aaron J; Roop, Dennis; Sandhoff, Konrad; Saurat, Jean‐hilaire; Tschachler, Erwin; Schneider, Marlon R; Langbein, Lutz; Bloch, Wilhelm; Beer, Hans‐dietmar; Werner, Sabine (EMBO Press, 2014)
      The transcription factor Nrf2 is a key regulator of the cellular stress response, and pharmacological Nrf2 activation is a promising strategy for skin protection and cancer prevention. We show here that prolonged Nrf2 ...