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      Efficient Spectrum Handoff Strategies in Cognitive Radio Networks

      Abu Tair, Abdelghani Ibrahim; Shaat, Musbah; El-Nahal, Fady (The Islamic University of GAZA, 2016-30-08)
      In Cognitive Radio (CR) systems, the spectrum handoff which is affecting to the performance of system by main factors such as: link maintenance probability, the number of spectrum handoff, switching delay. Spectrum handoff ...
    • Joint resource allocation in multicarrier based cognitive networks with two-way relaying

      Jendeya, Ahmed; Shaat, Musbah; Abu-Hudrouss, Ammar M.; Bader, Faouzi (IEEE, 2014)
      The problem of resource allocation in two-way relay network is considered in this paper. The cognitive radio (CR) context is tackled where a amplify and forward (AF) OFDM-based dual-hop multiple relay system is investigated. ...