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    • A Direct Approach for Coupling Matrix Synthesis for Coupled Resonator Diplexers

      Tubail, Deeb A; Skaik, Talal F. (Sociedade Brasileira de Microondas e Optoeletrônica e Sociedade Brasileira de Eletromagnetismo, 2017)
      Diplexers are used to separate or combine two bands of frequencies and they are designed by combining channel filters using distribution circuit or alternatively designed based on coupled resonator circuits. Design parameters ...
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      Novel multiplexer topologies based on coupled resonator structures

      Skaik, Talal F.; Tubail, Deeb A (IEEE, 2015)
      Novel multiplexer structures based on all-resonator topologies are presented here. The proposed multiplexers consist of only resonators without extra manifolds or circulators or power dividers. They can achieve various ...