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      LC/APCI-MS in Lipid Analysis

      Raith, Klaus; Farwanah, Hany; Brenner, Christian; Schmelzer, Christian EH; Neubert, Reinhard HH
      Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) is a well-established ionisation technique for liquid samples. Although LC/MS is mostly carried out using the electrospray interface, APCI and the relatively new Atmospheric ...
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      Separation and mass spectrometric characterization of covalently bound skin ceramides using LC/APCI-MS and Nano-ESI-MS/MS

      Farwanah, Hany; Pierstorff, Barbara; Schmelzer, Christian EH; Raith, Klaus; Neubert, Reinhard HH; Kolter, Thomas; Sandhoff, Konrad (Elsevier, 2007)
      Ceramides covalently bound to keratinocytes are essential for the barrier function of the skin, which can be disturbed in diseases, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. These ceramides of the classes ω-hydroxyacyl-sphingosine ...