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    • Quality attributes of Bearss Seedless lime (Citrus latifolia Tan) juice during storage.

      Chaira, Nizar; Ferchichi, Ali; Mrabet, Abdessalem; Sghairoun, Maheur; Al-Omari, Sab; Al-Qarawi, AA; Ali, BH; Al-Mougy, SA; Mousa, H. M.; Dai, Q; Borenstein, AR; Wu, Y; Jackson, JC; Larson, EB; Elgasim, EA; Alyousef, YA; Humeid, AM; Hamada, JS; Hashim, IB; Sharif, Fadel A.; He, Z; Hussein, Ahmed MS; Hussein, Ams; Alhadrami, GA; Khalil, YH; Ishurd, O; Kennedy, JF; Kamel, BS; Diab, MF; Ilian, MA; Salman, Atef; Kang, HJ; Chawla, SP; Jo, C; Kwon, JH; Byun, MW; Melendez-Martinez, AJ; Vicario, IM; Heredia, FJ; Puri, A; Sahai, R; Singh, KL; Saxena, RP; Tandon, JS; Saxena, KC; Reynes, M; Bouabidi, H; Piombo, G; Risterucci, AM; Rosenblat, M; Hayek, T; Aviram, M; Willers, S Schliemann; Wigger-Alberti, W; Kleesz, P; Grieshaber, R; Elsner, P; Simmonds, DC; Vieira, SM; Theodoro, KH; Gloria, Mba; Yousif, OM; Osman, MF; Ziena, Hms (orgz, 2006)
      The composition of three types of date juices, that differs by their couple of extraction and obtained from the rest of the sorting of cultivars Deglet Nour, were studied. The fruits were grown in Djerid region (Tozeur, ...
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      المؤثرات ذات القوة r الدائرية

      As’ad, As’ad Y.; Salman, Atef (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2010)
      In this paper, we prove that any bounded linear operator on a separable Banach space is circle-cyclic if and only if it is hypercyclic. As a continuation of studying cyclic phenomena we define and study a new concept called ...