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      Mikki, Mohammad; El-Khoudary, Mohammed R. (2010)
      BANDWIDTH PRESERVATION TREE PEER TO PEER ALGORITHM Mohammad A. Mikki Computer Engineering Department Islamic University of Gaza, PO Box 108, Gaza Palestine Mohammed R. Al-Khoudary Information Technology ...
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      Design and Implementation of a Selective Continuous Test Runner

      El-Khoudary, Mohammed R.; Ashour, Wesam M. (Science and Engineering Research Support Society, 2014)
      In this study we present the design and implementation of a selective continuous test runner (CT) as a way of reducing the time wasted while doing regression tests. Previous studies presented only a continuous test runner ...
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      Design of A Microsoft Version of MIPS Microprocessor Simulator

      El-Khoudary, Mohammed R.; Mikki, Mohammed A. (الجامعة الإسلامية - غزة, 2007)
      We describe the implementation of a MIPS Simulator called MIPS-SIM. MIPS-SIM is a GUI, Java-based simulator for the MIPS assembly language. MIPS, the computer architecture is widely used in industry and is the basis of the ...