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    Palestinian Daily Newspapers Treatment of Environmental Issues

    عيسى, طلعت (جامعة الأزهر بمصر, 2008-10)
    The problem of the study is to explore the Palestinian daily newspapers treatment of environmental issues, and the environmental issues that focus on it. It is a descriptive study that used the survey studies method and ...
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    Palestinians Disabled Attitudes Towards the Role of Mass Media in Expression their Rights and Issues

    عيسى, طلعت (كلية الإعلام جامعة القاهرة - مصر, 2009-02)
    This study aims to measure attitudes of the physically disabled in Palestine towards the role that media play in expressing their concerns, problems, issues, and demands from the media. It is descriptive study depends on ...
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    Journalistic Training in Journalism Departments in Arab Universities

    عيسى, طلعت (الجمعية العربية الأمريكية لأساتذة الاتصال, 2010-10)
    This study aims to identify the university: the concept, performance, functions and roles, and identify its origin and development in the world and in the Arab world, and to know the reality of university journalism in the ...
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    New Media's Role in Ending the Palestinian Rift activities

    عيسى, طلعت (كلية الإعلام- جامعة اليرموك- الأردن, 2011-10)
    This study attempts to identify the role of social networks represented by Facebook in the success of the activities to end the Palestinian rift, its a descriptive study that used qualitative content analysis on the pages ...
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    Palestinian University Students Use of Social Networks in Awareness of the Palestinian Cause

    عيسى, طلعت (الجمعية السعوديـــة للإعلام والاتصال, 2012-12)
    This study attempted to reveal the uses of Palestinian university youth in Gaza Strip on social networks to raise awareness of Palestinian cause and the suffering of the Palestinian people, this study belongs to descriptive ...

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