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      Doubly Indexed Infinite Series

      Abu Alees, Abed Khaleel (the islamic university, 2008)
      As we know the theory of double series has been widely used in mathematics and entered in many applications. So we discuss important cases in the theory of double series. The first case is that when can we interchange the ...
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      On Nonstandard Topology

      Ghneim, Ahmed A. (the islamic university, 2011)
      Nonstandard topology is a kind of topology constructed by means of nonstandard analysis. In the literature, most books and research articles talk about nonstandard analysis. They rarely talk about nonstandard topology. ...
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      Spectral Theory in Effect Algebras

      Abu Lamdy, Hossam Fadel (the islamic university, 2010)
      If one supposes a quantum logic L to be a σ-effect algebra, then the observables on L are identified with the L-valued measures defined on the Borel subsets of the real line. In this structure (and without the aid of Hibert ...